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About PresentiaFX

Are you looking to improve your company’s sales presentations and get away from ‘boring PowerPoint’?

Presentations are a key element when pitching for new business. Our PresentiaFX Business presentation software is a compelling alternative to PowerPoint which is being used globally by corporate organisations like yours.

PresentiaFX enables companies to stand out from the crowd, control their brand identity, ensure consistency and manage sales pitches across multiple regions and divisions. It works on PC’s, Mac’s,

iPads, Android and BlackBerry Tablets and allows you to track the content each sales person is creating and presenting.

Sound interesting? Read on to find out more!

Protect your branding

With PresentiaFX you’re in charge!

You decide how much flexibility each user/team has to change content and create new slides. You can lock whole presentations, slides or just an individual lines of text/logos/images.

Ensure that sales users always use the corporate fonts, colours, approved images and templates. Meaning the end of 'off brand' presentations taking place across the sales team!

Distributing presentations, slides or assets is simple too - just send out an update and your whole team will be up-to-date.

How can you protect your branding? Watch a video here.

Present your way

You can play your presentations from any laptop, PC, Mac, iPad, or Android Tablet.

You can also publish online, making them public or password controlled with an expiry date.

You don’t need an internet connection to play, create or edit presentations so you’ll never be without those crucial slides again when visiting your customers and prospects.

Increased engagement, increased sales

Presentations should be interactive. Let your audience influence the direction it takes rather than boring them with a predetermined sequence of slides. Our presentation software is packed with tools to make this easy.

The 3D wall enables you to visually review all your library content live in a meeting, by browsing or keyword searching all existing presentations... enabling you to dive deeper into more detail to answer a specific question.

With our Hotspot feature you can create interactive links or menus to specific additional content. This can include other slides, and external files such as websites, PDFs, Excel Spreadsheets or Word documents.

In an independent survey one of our global clients found that 79% of customer respondents told them they found PresentiaFX presentations more engaging.*

See examples of interactive sales presentations.

All content at your fingertips

Who has time to rebuild the same slides again and again in different formats?

Prepare customised presentations faster - PresentiaFX holds all your presentation versions and assets in one central library so you always have all the relevant content at your fingertips.

Marketing administrators ensure that users only have access to approved and relevant content.

Wow factor

PresentiaFX makes it easy to create presentations that look like they have been developed by a designer.

  • Easily include videos
  • Build image galleries
  • Create interactive menu slides
  • Add animations and 3D transitions
  • Customise the app's background to reflect your prospect's interest

And so much more...

In an independent survey of one of our global clients found that 85% of sales users said that PresentiaFX helped to deliver a positive customer experience.*

Want to see how good it can look? Here are some examples.

Our presentation software is already increasing sales for...

Monitor activity

With PresentiaFX, you can monitor presentation activity using our cloud based reporting tool. This secure area gives you visibility of the team activities, latest presentations, most popular slides, all updates and more.

Compile your own reports or create a custom feed for your data warehouse.

Watch a video about our reporting tools.

Keep everyone up to date

As a Marketing administrator, you can push slide updates to an individual or a whole team. Each user can belong to one or multiple teams, and team members can share slides within the presentation software.

Teams are structured to mirror your organisation - for example by product line, country, territory etc. This ensures that content is always up-to-date eliminating the embarrassment of out-of-date information/messages/brand style. For industries where compliance & regulation are important, this is essential.

Lead from the front

Our slide share hosted mode allows you to hand out iPads/tablets, not print outs. Your prospects share your screen - you're in control and they're engaged.

Connect up over Wi-Fi/3G multiple iPads loaded with your presentations. When you change slides all the connected iPads change with you.

No need to plug-in to a projector or screen.

Find out more about presenting on Tablets and iPads.

*Independent survey by a global user of PresentiaFX with over 2,500 users. Download the full report.