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What does PresentiaFX do?

PresentiaFX is a presentation software which allows you to quickly create stunning presentations, store, organise, tag and search your slides and assets, collaborate with your colleagues, share your presentations in person or online and measure the results.

Is PresentiaFX a web based application?

PresentiaFX presentation software can be used on the desktop. Create, Play and edit offline – share presentations online and synchronise libraries across the whole business using the Cloud server. It’s the best of both worlds!

What type of media/assets does PresentiaFX support?

  • Images – JPEG, PNG
  • Video – FLV, MP4 (use FLV on an iPad)
  • Flash – SWF
  • Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • PDF

How easy is PresentiaFX to use?

PresentiaFX is very easy to use. With varying permission levels the software can be very basic with limited access to the tools. The product can be used with no training at all but we do run training courses for our corporate customers.

How long does a PresentiaFX training session take?

The PresentiaFX software is very easy to use, it only takes around 3 hours to learn all you need, you can quickly be up and running and creating your presentations.

Is PresentiaFX compatible with PC and Mac and does it work on tablets?

PresentiaFX presentation software can be run on either PC or Mac. We also offer iPad/Android Tablet/BackBerry Playbook player apps too.

Why do I have to download Adobe AIR?

AIR is Adobe’s Integrated Runtime client. It is free and allows you to take an application and run it on your desktop. Here’s more information about AIR from Adobe, and here’s what Wikipedia has to say.

Can you help me create content?

Definitely. PresentiaFX is a product created by Plus Two, a digital agency. Our highly creative designers can create engaging and interactive slides for your Library. Contact us for more information.

Is this a replacement for PowerPoint?

Not necessarily as the product can be used alongside PowerPoint within your organisation. Some customers use PresentiaFX for high value sales opportunities, others use it for all their presentations.

What software do people need to view exported presentations?

To view an exported standalone presentation on a PC or Mac there is no additional software required as the export function creates both .app and .exe files. To view an online presentation you require a Flash Player in your web browser. To view a presentation on an iPad or Tablet you require the Player App and a license. You can also export to PDF using a free PDF print driver utility.

Can we import PowerPoint into PresentiaFX?

You can bring PowerPoint into your library and launch it from a PresentiaFX slide using our Hotspot tool. We have a conversion tool in development that will convert a PowerPoint presentation into PresentiaFX but for now you can recreate, copy/paste, import images from PowerPoint etc.