Here’s why you should consider PresentiaFX

PresentiaFX presentation software - developed by Plus Two

Win new business by upgrading your sales presentation software

PresentiaFX has a proven track record of enabling companies to stand out from their competitors and help them convert new business!

  • Create stunning and interactive sales presentations to engage and excite your audience
  • Protect your branding by only allowing use of corporate fonts, colours, approved images and templates
  • Decide how much flexibility each user has and decide exactly what your sales users can customise whilst locking down the rest
  • Keep the content up-to-date and consistent across the sales team
  • Play presentations from any laptop, PC, Mac, iPad or Android tablet, online or offline
  • Link to additional content including slides, websites and external documents
  • Monitor your sales teams presentation activity
  • Use our slide share hosted mode to share your iPad screen with your prospect
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Who else is using PresentiaFX?

(You’re in good company.)


PresentiaFX has been changing the way companies present for over a decade. Because presentations are at the heart of all new business, we’ve worked with clients in every market sector.¬†From small marketing teams to global deployments, we’ve been there!


These are just a few businesses who benefit from using PresentiaFX.